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Training is about building people. It's more than just ‘giving information’; it's about enabling performance along with understanding. Training goes much deeper than behavioural activities – the behavioural ‘output’ stuff is just the tip of a very large iceberg.

Training is the catalyst for expertise. Training encapsulates the ‘How, What, Why, and What-ifs’ of an activity so that the activity is learned practically and conceptually/theoretically resulting in learning which occurs in both mind and body. It is excellence in applicability – not just knowing information conceptually but living your wisdom.


Self Actualisation Trainings

Optimum Mind specialises in delivering and certifying the Self-Actualization Trainings of Neuro-Semantics. The Self-Actualization Workshops in Neuro-Semantics enable individuals and organizations to experience self-actualization. This means being your best self, being authentic, feeling alive and unleashing your highest potentials. We begin with your personal self-actualization so you can access the energy (vitality) you will need to unleash what is potential within you.  Doing that enables you to find your “real self” and become authentic.  Then we move to the area of creative problem-solutions, how to do that, and then to self-actualizing organizations, companies, and communities as you lead a group or company to create and innovate those solutions in the world. For details of upcoming trainings, contact me now or sign up to my elist at the bottom of this page.

Previous Clients

Self-Leadership – ‘Accessing Personal Genius’

Control your thoughts and emotions for self-mastery.  Mastery of anything starts with mastery of Self

Build a stronger you – control your Power Zones for mental & emotional resilience

Clear lifelong ‘baggage’ – eliminate negative thoughts & feelings & close the ‘Knowing-Doing’ gap

Step into the ‘Flow Zone’ – align your best thoughts and intention with real world action.

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Unleashing Vitality

Unleashing Your Real Self (Fully Alive / Fully Human) Developing inner energies for Aliveness to be released in Living the Higher Life. Discover Who you really are as a human being— your real self and how to be Real.

Developing Your Base — for the Vitality of a Self-Actualizing Identity

Seeking Your Peak — for a highly energized Meta-Life

Living the Vitality — the energised restlessness of living fully

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Unleashing Potentials

Neuro-Semantic Skills for Actualizing Your Highest and Best

Discover the How— How to identify potentials, develop them, and unleash them.

The Construct: Meaning, Meaning-construction

The Crucible: Transformation of old Meanings that diminish you.

The Zone: In the Zone of Peak Experiences

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Creativity & Innovation: Unleashing Solutions

Four Transformational Conversations for Unleashing Creative Solutions to Innovate Design Conversations for high-level problem-solving.

Well-formed Outcome — designing a compelling future.

Well-formed Problem — discovering & defining the interferences & challenges.

Well-formed Solution — resolving the problems.

Well-formed Innovation — actualizing it in the real world.

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Unleashing Leadership

Self-Actualizing Leaders and Companies for Peak Performance Visionary Organizations

Discover the New Leadership of Self-Actualizing Leaders: bringing out the best in others.

Develop your personal Self-Actualizing Leadership Matrix for authentic leadership

Leading a Self-Actualizing Company: Seeking the Peak as an organization – Build a company with ‘3 bottom-lines’.

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Meet Your Trainer

I became an NLP Trainer, a Fellow Member Trainer with the IANLP, a Neuro-Semantic NLP Trainer then Master Trainer so I could more effectively share Self-Actualisation psychology. I imagine a world full of self-actualising people would solve so many socital and global problems, stop wars and save the environment. 

When you train with me, you’ll experience seamless strategies where you’ll learn at multiple levels; through conceptual understanding, then via observation, then questioning, clarifying and feedback, as well as through experiencing and then teaching/coaching the activities themselves. This means that on a training with me you learn conceptually, practically, deeply, and masterfully.

As a contract trainer, I can design boutique content to fit exactly your organisational needs and timeframes. Plus, I can deliver your own content in a way that your employees and staff can fully integrate. Whatever your training & development needs, contact me today

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“This course provides skills and knowledge that you can apply immediately across all aspects of your life. I was blown away by the depth of learning and the impact of immediate change. Thank you Alan for a truly meaningful 3 days”
Wendy Devlin
“This 3-day training reaffirmed my belief in myself, my capabilities, opportunities and significance. It will allow me to assist others on their path to their life and possibilities. It has created huge excitement that anything is possible, and I have the power to create it”
JM – Employment consultant
“As a result of doing the Accessing Personal Genius course I have 'changed my mind'! My life is already reflecting those changes for the better. The course is completely constructive, enjoyable, and absolutely worth doing for anyone”.
Margaret Pickering - Dressage Coach / Web Designer