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What is Therapy?

Therapy is about healing. A therapist helps people who feel hurt and vulnerable to feel ‘safe’ again. In this sense, therapy is remedial, curative, and aims for comfort and stability of mind – essential for a healthily functioning life. I use talk and behavioural therapies utilising Therapy-Based NLP and Neuro-Semantics, and Hypnotherapy.

What is Neuro linguistic programming (NLP) and Neuro-Semantics (NS)? Therapy-Based NLP & NS encompass the best of (and more) than most other therapy and counselling models. This is not to say that other therapies are not effective, it's just my observation from decades of personal experience of, plus research into, finding out exactly what works best. NLP & NS are interdisciplinary fields that encompass multiple models in systemic ways, allowing for greater flexibility on the part of the therapist – and that means better, permanent, and faster results for clients.

As a constantly evolving practical psychology, NLP is often referred to as the ‘study of excellence’. It provides transformative ways of improving communication and eliminating negativity from life. Ongoing research beginning in the 1990’s by psychologist Dr L. Michael Hall led to Neuro-Semantics. NS uniquely integrates self-actualisation psychology from Abraham Maslow, higher levels of meaning from the inspiring life and work of Dr Viktor Frankl, and deeper more current findings stemming from the original scientific contributors behind NLP; Gregory Bateson, Virginia Satir, Fritz Perls, etc.), plus incorporating the latest developments from contemporary psychology and related fields.

The therapeutic use of NS-NLP addresses the unconscious structures of fears, traumas, and other psychological disorders. By addressing unconscious structures – rather than just symptoms – real healing and long-term recovery can occur. It sounds unbelievable to say that life-long phobias, depression, anxiety, negative thoughts, feelings, behaviours, and beliefs that have held you back for years can disappear in as little as a single session – but it’s true.

What is Hypnotherapy? Hypnosis is a highly researched mental state wherein a person can bypass the critical conscious filters of the brain and access deeper more embedded mental states. People often mistakenly think that hypnosis is the same as sleep, but it’s far from that! Hypnosis is a very active mental process, despite the usual way to induce hypnosis, via relaxation, appearing outwardly passive.
Hypnotherapy utilises the hypnotic state along with advanced therapeutic and linguistic models which deeply embed therapeutic change. This is what differentiates hypnotherapy from simple hypnosis: Hypnosis is simply a deep, inwardly focussed attention which most people can attain and/or guide others into – hypnotherapy requires much more training, skill, and expertise. Contrary to some assumptions, hypnotherapy can be quite tiring!

Meet your therapist

I started my NLP journey through therapy because I’ve experienced any number of the traumas which lead people to seek therapy… so I know therapy ‘from both sides’ so to speak. Given this, my therapy work specialises in anxiety disorders and PTSD.

Initially I was a big sceptic, but having explored other therapies such as CBT, ACT, DBT, counselling, etc., and finding them wanting, I was up for anything. My first taste of NLP was a four-day training… just to check it out. I was not disappointed! I extended those four days into nine days, eighteen days, another eighteen days, and it just continued from there… More NLP trainings with multiple trainers; Practitioner courses, Master Practitioner courses, Neuro-Semantics Practitioner and Master Practitioner. Then hypnotherapy; a Diploma, Masters, then Doctorate in Clinical Hypnotherapy. I dived into reading and learning psychology, it’s never ending. Therapy literally saved my sanity and I’m committed to help you similarly.

If you want an experienced, skilled, and highly effective therapist, contact me today.


“I have suffered from chronic insomnia for the last 3-4 years, and occasionally prior to that. I tried everything I could think of, relaxation therapies, acupuncture, chiropractors, and everything I can buy from the chemist. But now I cannot thank you enough!! Last night after our session was the first night I have slept soundly for the last few years. Went straight to sleep at 10pm and slept until 06:30, for me a truly miraculous result. Many thanks Alan”
Avis - Christchurch
“Hi Alan, I would like to thank you for the session I had with you. I am enjoying the results and still can't quite believe the sense of freedom I feel from some very traumatizing events, memories and feelings . The days after the session I became aware of myself "searching" for the bad feelings and sadness everyday when I woke as a sort of reference for who I was and when I realized they were no longer there I had the most amazing sense of release and relief that I was no longer defined by all of that. I find it difficult to understand I did that to myself everyday .......WHAT WAS I THINKING!
Angela – Christchurch
“Hi Alan, I came to see you for a stop smoking session last month, I haven’t smoked since, and it’s been really easy! I'm feeling much more positive, I am surprised how well it’s working! Everything is going really well, thanks!”
Sally C – Christchurch