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What people are saying:

“As a professional coach myself, it is truly wonderful to experience the powerful changes experienced as a result of being coached by Alan Fayter. He is a master of his craft and I would wholeheartedly recommend him to anyone seeking professional coaching”
Adrian Metcalfe
“I have personally used Alan on several occasions, most often with the aim of improving performance in major sporting events. I have found my sessions with Alan to be extremely useful with the results invariably exceeding my expectations and being applicable to other areas of my life as well as the sporting arena. I would not hesitate to recommend Alan to anyone serious about making improvements in their life, whether personal, business or sporting” Scott Benson – World Muay Thai Council – NZ Welterweight Champion; World Kickboxing Federation – South Island Welterweight Champion; NZ Vale Tudo Welterweight Champion Association – South Island Champion
“Since starting the Business Coaching with Alan I have achieved more in 4 months than I have over 3 years… and I’m 2 months ahead of schedule! I’ve taken my dream of owning my own business and turned it into a reality. I couldn’t have done it without the coaching, accountability and support I receive from Alan. I’m amazed at the progress I’ve made and really enjoy celebrating my successes. I think this group is a must for anyone serious about becoming a success in business” –  Makesha Deschot- Beautician
“WHAT CAN I SAY…. the work you do is just AMAZING!! So to those reading this testimonial just be prepared to be AMAZED!! How simple can it be? how painless can it be?… BELIEVE IT!.. it is this and more… why put yourself thro anymore emotional and mental ‘pain’ when you can do what my daughter did… went and saw Alan; this gifted man who after just one hour was able to help my daughter get her ‘life back’. As traumatic as it was to be abducted and raped.. this was just the beginning of her ‘nightmare’ … living with this trauma for the past 18 months, had effected her whole life… to see the ‘light & soul’ just snuffed out to become just a fraction of her normal happy self… Then just after ONE HOUR with Alan, the transformation occurred… she blossomed and reawakened to become her ‘old self’… THANK YOU SOOO VERY MUCH ALAN for helping her to find herself again… just think some people walk around through life with these traumas being ‘stuck’ for their entire life… how sad and what a waste. I now look at my daughter and see that she now has her ‘life back’…..AMAZING ? THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF OUR HEARTS” – (name withheld for privacy)
“Hi Alan, I would like to thank you for the session I had with you. I am enjoying the results and still can’t quite believe the sense of freedom I feel from some very traumatizing events, memories and feelings . The next few days after the session I became aware of myself “searching” for the bad feelings and sadness everyday when I woke as a sort of reference of sorts for who I was… and when I realized they were no longer there I had the most amazing sense of release and relief that I was no longer defined by all of that. I find it difficult to understand I did that to myself everyday …WHAT WAS I THINKING!”  Angela (surname withheld by request)
“Hi Alan, I thought I’d let you know how I got on with my car racing after our coaching sessions in April. I was racing at the Hamilton V8 Street races in the Toyota Racing Series. In my first race I was fastest driver until I crashed with one lap to go when the car in front braked early and as the track was wet I had no where to go , but still ended up with the 2nd fastest time. Initially my time was the fastest of any cars on the track including the V8 Supercars so I was pleased with my performance and I made a few good passing manoeuvres. The second race was average as we messed up the tyre pressures but all in all my performance was enhanced immensely by your coaching”. – Mark Munro – semi professional race car driver
The enquiry: “I have suffered from chronic insomnia for the last 3-4 years, and occasionally prior to that, I have tried everything I can think of, relaxation therapies, acupuncture, chiropractors, and everything I can buy from the chemist, As you can see I am getting desperate, would hypnosis work? You were referred by a “friend of a friend” who thought very highly of your work thanks and regards…”
The result after one session: “Hi Alan, I cannot thank you enough!! Last night after our session was the first night I have slept soundly for the last few years. Went straight to sleep at 10pm and slept until 0630, for me a truly miraculous result.
Many thanks and regards…” (name withheld for privacy)
“I want to personally thank you for getting my ‘calm place’ back. You have amazing sensory acuity skills and knew exactly what I needed” Joy Scott – Auckland