If Not You, Then Who?

Who reading this, is the next Prime Minister? CEO of their own company? Top athlete? Who will make a million dollars through entrepreneurship? Who is actually living their dreams? Who plans to do any of these things? …well, if not you, then who?

Do you hold yourself back with any of the oh-so-common negative beliefs such as “But I’m not good enough to…” “I’ll never achieve…” Only other people can do…” “I’m too old/not clever enough to…” Or how about the old classic “I can’t…” Well, do you?

 We hear these things – and worst of all, say them to ourselves – constantly and so casually that they just go unnoticed. Yet the unconscious part of our mind hears… and not only takes notice but puts them into practice! Henry Ford, the inventor of the mass-produced motorcar said, “Whether you believe you can, or believe you can’t… you’re right!”

 Beliefs act as ‘commands to the nervous system’ they shape our lives. We get our belief systems from society, our upbringing, past experiences, and countless other sources. Your life is a result of your beliefs. How good are your beliefs? How empowering? How robust? Do you believe that you can be truly happy, live the life of your dreams, that you can achieve anything? Or do you think this sounds a little bit unrealistic? If you’ve been through experiences that have led you to form negative conscious and unconscious beliefs, you may not be living to your full potential! You may even be carrying negative and self-hurtful thoughts that are making your life miserable.

 It’s estimated that on average we only use 3-5% of our brain’s potential – and that runs our entire life! Imagine tapping into the other 95-97%… what could you achieve then?! It’s a fact that more than 90% of our lives run on ‘auto-pilot’ driven by subconscious processes.

 Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Neuro Semantics™ (NS) and Meta-Coaching™ can help you overcome past traumas, change negative mental programming, rid you of bad habits and empower you to unleash your full potential. Within these fields there are powerful ways to change limiting beliefs and to construct new, more powerful, robust, and self-enhancing beliefs that will send new commands to your neurology that result in a life of happiness and achievement.

 It sounds unbelievable to say that life-long phobias can disappear in minutes; anxiety can melt away; negative thoughts, feelings, behaviours, and beliefs that have held us back for years can disappear; that we can become focussed and powerfully motivated any time we choose… But it’s true! These are things I’ve personally experienced and coached countless other individuals to achieve

 If you want to feel better about your life or want to help your staff perform more
effectively and increase engagement and productivity, contact me now.

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