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What is Coaching?

Coaching is a ‘meta-discipline’. This means that coaching should work at the level of structure and process – rather than the mere content of an activity or experience (beware – some “coaching” models don't!). This means it’s not about remedial change or simply fixing problems, it’s a dynamic life-changing and transformative experience. Coaching isn't giving advice, consulting, mentoring, therapy, nor training. Coaching is a standalone field. However, there can be some overlap on occasion, that's why the more well-rounded your coach the better your experience of coaching will be. Let’s delve a little deeper into what coaching is…

Facilitating. Coaching is a process that facilitates you to generate and unlock new potentials for growth and change that you never thought possible. This is why as a coach I, “Help you think thoughts you never thought you could think!”

Actualising. Coaching utilises ‘self-actualization psychology’. Self-actualization psychology concerns the bright side of psychology – rather than focussing on pathology or how things are broken. Think of it this way; if you want to know how a high-performance race car works so you can build one for yourself, you wouldn't go to a junkyard and look at a smashed up broken car as your model or template. Rather you would examine a new, high performing model and copy that… it just makes sense! Similarly, if you want a high-performance life and mind, you need a high-performance psychology. Coaching ‘models’ (copies) top performance and the best of psychology, and leverages those disciplines, frames of mind, and practises to enable you to excel in the world. Real coaching, using self-actualization psychology is about allowing your ‘highest and best mind’ – your hopes and dreams, visions, and values to manifest in a practical and robust way in the world.

Generative. Coaching is about transformative and developmental change. ‘Fixing problems’ is the domain of therapy – getting people ‘up to okay’ and, developing enough ego strength to feel comfortable dealing with life's challenges. But what of the psychologically healthy person who wants to achieve more, do better, stretch and challenge themselves? That's where the generative change of coaching comes in – taking career, relationships, health, sports, and everything else in life to the next level!

Systemic. Coaching work systemically with multiple systems at multiple levels: relational systems, mind-body systems, meaning and performance systems, cultural systems, social systems... Integrating all holistically, ecologically, and healthily.

Unleashing potentials. Altogether, this means that coaching for you unleashes all manner of potentials that you never thought possible! Coaching allows you to tap into your rich and creative intellectual capital, to recognise and seize the best opportunities as they arise in your life.

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Meet your Coach

As a high-performance coach, I blend Neuro-Semantic Meta Coaching
with advanced linguistic skills, critical thinking, and elements of philosophy.
This enables me to work with my client’s ‘meta’ (higher) levels of mind, addressing
the process, structure, and form of an activity or goal – not just it’s behaviours.

Meta-Coaching is a highly systemic and
generative method of change – and the only one I know of that doesn’t fall foul
to relapse – Meta-Coaching, by its very nature, transforms the potential for
relapse into potential for generative growth.

My coaching style has evolved over decades
of practical experience as well as being influenced and developed further by a Diploma
in Self-Actualization Psychology and being certified a Meta-Coach, and Group and
Team Coach with the ISNS, certification as a Coach with the IANLP, and a Degree
in Philosophy.

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“I personally used Alan on several occasions, most often with the aim of improving performance in major sporting events. My sessions with Alan were extremely useful with the results invariably exceeding my expectations and being applicable to other areas of my life as well as the sporting arena. I would not hesitate to recommend Alan to anyone serious about making improvements in their life, whether personal, business or sporting”
Scott Benson
Former: World Muay Thai Council – NZ Welterweight Champion, World Kickboxing Federation – South Island Welterweight Champion, NZ Vale Tudo Welterweight Champion Association – South Island Champion
"The coaching I received from Alan has opened a whole new way of thinking. I realised that all I needed was within me – Alan coached me to unlock and unleash my true potential, from business, personal and relationships – they all improved . I got my promotion, started my own small business and built the courage to chase a lifelong dream of training Muay Thai in Thailand!"
Russell Ryder - Entrepreneur
"Since starting the Business Coaching with Alan I have achieved more in 4 months than I have over 3 years... and I'm 2 months ahead of schedule! I’ve taken my dream of owning my own business and turned it into a reality. I couldn't have done it without the coaching, accountability and support I receive from Alan. I'm amazed at the progress I've made and really enjoy celebrating my successes. I think this group is a must for anyone serious about becoming a success in business"
Makesha Deschot – Beautician