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Coaching Programmes

Do you want outstanding results in any of these areas?

Lifestyle and Personal Development – Do you believe in ‘work-life balance’? Do you want it? Well, the truth is that if you chase the elusive ‘work-life balance’ you’ll never be truly happy.  If you feel there is more to life than you’re currently getting to see how personal development coaching can uncover your life’s purpose and unleash your inner potentials – and give you tangible results.

Optimal Health & Vitality – My focus in health coaching is not just on helping you past hurts and problems and ‘back to normal’, but on creating a more empowered ‘you’ so that you deal with future upsets in such a way that they don’t become a problem at all. As an experienced athlete, health coach and doctor of clinical hypnosis, I can help you speedily resolve issues so you can get on with a more passionate and productive lifestyle. If something is holding you back from reaching your true potential now.

Executive and Leadership Development – As a Leader, the buck stops with you. You often have no one to give you unbiased feedback or genuine support. Coaching gives you the opportunity of releasing your own creative problem solving skills as well as generating new ideas for growth and efficiency. If you’re a leader, to see how Executive Coaching can make your life easier and increase your company’s success.

But to get any of these results, you’ve gotta trust your coach. You must know they’re an expert and most importantly – know your coach is the right fit for youBear in mind, I work personally with each of my clients and I only have so much time. So I can only take on limited numbers of clients at any one time; to check availability.

How it works…

3×3 coaching is simple. No long contracts, no obscure time-frames; just results. After an initial chat via phone or Skype to determine if we can work together, we book 3 sessions of Meta-Coaching over a period that optimally supports your outcomes.   I Coach… you get Results. And if you decide you want more of those results – we book 3 more. Simple as that.

Well, I say “simple as that”, and it is… but that doesn’t mean it’s not one of the most comprehensive and supportive coaching programmes you’ll ever experience. As part of the 3×3 you also get:

  • Check-in calls from me between sessions to support you and track your progress
  • Unlimited email support from me – FOREVER!
  • Any books, resources and materials that will support your continued development

When you work with me in a 3×3 Coaching Programme you’re not alone. My success as a coach is determined by your successes as my client.

Coaching can be face-to-face or anywhere in the world via Skype. And don’t worry where you are on the planet, you won’t have be awake at “silly-o’clock” at night or in the a.m. – I work to your hours.

Want to book a 3×3? and get the ‘results ball’ rolling for you, just contact use below;

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How Do You Know You Need Coaching?

  • You can’t or don’t act on what you know you should
  • You keep experiencing the same problems year after year
  • You feel controlled by something you can’t put your finger on
  • Your attempted solutions only make things worse
  • You feel you’re going round and round in circles
  • Over time you experience increasingly diminishing returns


    What is Meta-Coaching?

    Coaching is a facilitation process that takes psychologically healthy people from where they are to where they want to be. Most coaching models only focus on ‘primary change’. By this I mean simply remedial goal setting and external performance outcomes; coaching the client from A to B by breaking down the steps, motivating, supporting, inspiring and challenging them along the way. Nice, but not exactly great for Inspirational or Generative change…

    Meta-Coaching is “coaching beyond performance”; it’s all of the above and more. It takes the whole process to a much higher level. Meta-Coaching is coaching based in sound, evidence based psychological models. It gets inside of the clients experience and teases out unconscious thoughts, feelings, attitudes, understandings, strengths, and joys. We find your inner Meanings & Intentions and allow you to make changes at the highest level – and release massive passion for life. By releasing your passions, external performance becomes easy and success naturally follows. Coaching helps motivated individuals excel in life, love, health and career.