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NLP Practitioner Training

Meta NLP Practitioner Training

NLP Practitioner Training Christchurch NZ

NLP Practitioner Training, Christchurch NZ

Do you ever feel stressed, out of control or overwhelmed?
Are you fed-up of the same thing, day-in, day-out?
Do you care about your health, happiness and that of your family and the planet?
Do you want to make a difference in the world or do something special in life?
Why not make now, your time to embark on a journey of self-discovery? 

• Would you like to be a better lover, partner, parent, boss or friend?
• Do you want to apply NLP & NS in a Coaching career?  
• Or just for personal development?
• Would you like to learn more Hypnotherapy as part of your NLP course?
• Do you want an NLP Practitioner Course that will be fun? (we learn best when happy)

….you can have all this with Optimum Mind’s Meta NLP Practitioner training.


Run over 37 evenings held weekly for ease of attendance, this 18 day course equips you with all of the fundamental skills necessary to be recognised globally as an NLP & NS Practitioner. The unique format allows for optimal learning and integration of skills, making you the best Practitioner you can be!

With a Master Trainer who is also an experienced Dr of Clinical Hypnotherapy, this course also includes many hypnotherapy components, introducing you to amazing new possibilities!  This course is unique in NZ! - A dual certification course that meets the international standards of the IANLP and ISNS.

It's impossible to do this course without making significant positive personal changes. You will learn amazing techniques for personal development with a life-changing impact.

Participant numbers are limited to ensure the best learning environment for you.

Contact me for more information and register your interest for future trainings. 


Meta NLP Practitioner Course Booking