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Online Training

Online Training Courses

NLP Communication Mastery

Critical Insights and Practical Skills for Better Personal Relationships, and Climbing the Career or Team Success Ladder

Full lifetime access, 4.5 hours on-demand video

  • Speak with influence and clarity
  • Plan, frame and execute conversations with impact
  • Diffuse hotheads and volatile conversations
  • Know and use multi-level communication techniques
  • Create powerful multi-level rapport with others




Personal Mastery: The Psychology of Happiness & Fulfilment

Practical Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Positive Psychology techniques for Personal Productivity and Success

Full lifetime access, 1.5 hours on-demand video

  • Become more proactive in your relationships and career
  • Master the art of 'deliberate practice' to improve performance in any context
  • Understand and be able to do everyday 'mindfulness'
  • Understand the 'change process' and plot a course for personal success
  • Set 'right' goals, not 'wrong' goals