Optimum Mind

Cutting-Edge Coaching, Therapy, and Training

Optimum Mind

Cutting-Edge Coaching, Therapy, and Training

Optimum Mind is dedicated to more than just fixing problems – I aim to help you surpass simple ‘recovery’ or ‘remedial’ change and to optimize your mind and life.

To do this, I have extensive training in both therapy AND high-performance coaching – two very different disciplines! And further, as a Neuro-Semantic NLP Master Trainer my aim is to effectively spread the value of Self-Actualisation psychology more widely. Find out exactly how Coaching, Therapy and/or Self-Actualisation Training can benefit you or your organisation below

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Coaching is about getting 'comfortably uncomfortable'. Coaching is for you if you think, “Life is fine but there's got to be more to life than this”. Click the image above to find out more about how coaching can benefit you

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Life presents challenges to us all… some challenges can be traumatic and overwhelming. Getting the right help to get back on track is essential or else fear will rule your life. Click the imageto find out how therapy can help you

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A short description of the service and how the visitor will benefit from it.A short description of the service and how the visitor will benefit from it.

Meet Alan

My philosophy for life is simple

  • NEVER stop learning!
  • Strive to be the best version of yourself
  • Share what you know to help others
  • Stay humble

This philosophy brought me to the study of human growth and potential – Self-Actualisation psychology. Then to sharing what I’ve learned through coaching and training. I’ve been helping people and organisations make positive changes since 2002. Although I have a doctorate in clinical hypnosis, my biggest passion by far is self-actualisation or ‘Third Force’ psychology and the Human Potential Movement. I now specialise in conducting the Neuro-Semantic Self-Actualisation trainings.

I got into NLP in 2000, to deal with my own demons – I had plenty! That got me interested in therapy. And although to this day I still find it deeply rewarding helping clients change with therapy, I reached a point where I thought, “There has to be more!” This was 2004 where my passion for excellence and sharing what I learnt led me to the study of Human Potential itself – Self-Actualisation psychology, Neuro-Semantics, & Meta-Coaching.

Contact me now to discover how you can actualise (make real) your best self.


"Alan Fayter is a highly informed and conscientious trainer and coach who will start and finish with your best outcome in mind. He has the exquisite skills to support you in the process of making a transformational change in your personal life and/or in your business. I highly recommend him"
L. Michael Hall, Ph.D
“If you want to develop greater focus, more motivation, enhance your creativity or work on a problem in your life that holds you back from living the life you want then you have to try NLP methods. Alan is an excellent practitioner who will show you the way by giving you the skills that will improve the areas of your life that you need, whether it is related to business, sport, creativity or just day to day hassles. Give him a call!”
Dr Geoff Aitken Ph.D
Alan's in-depth knowledge of NLP, Neuro-Semantics, hypnosis, and all things related to his passion about human behaviour is simply astounding. I have the highest respect for him as a trainer, colleague, mentor, and friend and will be happy to recommend him, be it in a training or coaching environment
Barbara Belger, Coach & Trainer